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My wife and I are new to photography but have made some incredible leaps and bounds into the hobby/art. We currently own a Canon 550D and plan to upgrade to the Canon 7D Mark II when it gets released by Canon (hopefully very soon), or maybe even the Canon 5D MKIII.
In the very short time since we purchased our first DSLR, we have invested into higher quality lens, camera accessories, Speedlites, Monolight Strobes, Light Stands, Reflectors, an assortment of Photo Umbrellas, Soft Boxes, Beauty Dishes, Wireless Strobe Triggers, Backgrounds Stands, Muslin backdrops, Educational DVD's, Posing Books, Lighting Books, you name it, we've purchased it! I guess you can say we both have the "Shutter Bug" lol :-)
Our hobby is growing like crazy.
Neither one of us could have imagined that photography could be this creative, inspirational and FUN!
We are aspiring to start up a small photography home business and see where things go from there. We enjoy shooting all type of photos but I personally have fallen in love with: Makeup, Fashion, Swimsuit, Boudoir, Lingerie and Artistic Nudes. However, we are more than capable of shooting the more mainstream regular portraits, couple pics, pets, children, etc.
If you live anywhere near the Palmdale Southern California area and would like to have your photo taken by us then please don't hesitate to email us.
We created this SmugMug account to show off our photos; so admire, comment, thumbs up or thumbs down our work.
But most importantly to us, enjoy our photos.

Braunwyne & Mercury Frazier


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